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I know in Windows XP it was not a trivial exercise to create your own themes. Is this task easier in Windows 7? And if so, what is involved?

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Microsoft made creating and sharing themes really simple, thanks to a new file format .themepack, which is basically a special ZIP format that includes cursors, sounds, wallpapers, icons, colors and more.

Read this article for an illustrated step-by-step guide to creating themes on Windows 7.

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If you actually meant hacking .msstyle files, it's just as hard in Windows 7.

I think you will need to open the aero.msstyle file up using XN Resource Editor and modify the files in Photoshop. Or you could modify a custom theme that somebody else has made. You can find them, and other people who have done this, on Deviantart.

Hacked Windows 7 .msstyle theme

Personally, I don't think many amateur themes are ever going to look as good as the default Aero styles, although there may be some good ones that are just slightly altered.

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