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Is there a program for linux to check the health an SSD drive?

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Are you meaning you want to write a program like this, or you're looking to download and use? – p.campbell Aug 9 '09 at 17:07
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The standard way to do diagnostics for hard drives was always smartctl. I guess the same interface should work for SSD... but I've got no experiences with SSD yet.

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SSD Life is a good software, but for Windows only :( As said liori above, you can use any SMART control software and look for attribute value, what corresponds to drive health. For example, for Intel SSDs it's a E9 - media wearout indicator, it's value is a drive health (100 = 100%).

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You can try new software - SSDlife

Freeware version basic enough and support all major SSD drives and controllers.

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