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I was trying to stop an annoying error where renaming a new folder in Windows 7 (Starter OEM via Toshiba) would bring up the dreaded "cannot find item" error.

I was lead to uninstall Windows update KB980408 with the added registry fix.

Well, now the problem is still unfixed, but worse, all the libraries have vanished from the right side of my start menu! This is a pretty aggravating state of affairs, and I've already tried a system restore, adding back in some registry keys, changing preferences...the smash.

Funnily enough, libraries are still in explorer and I can see that according to preferences they are displaying, but...nada. Any suggestions?

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I have never seen Libraries on the right side of Start Menu on any of my W7 systems, and it is not in the customize start menu list either. – Moab Oct 24 '10 at 22:18
@Moab, They're at the top right of Start Menu. @Chris, have you tried restoring libraries via Start Menu => Customize => (Any Library) Display as a link (or menu). Make sure they're not selected as "don't display this item". – Gani Simsek Oct 25 '10 at 19:33

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