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What I have is:

  • Windows Vista
  • Xaamp Server
  • Huawei 3G USB modem

The problem is that I can't connect to my IP, although I can connect to "", I've even disabled the firewall and still can't connect, I don't know if my IP is not a real IP.

Any one had the same problem, and what's the solution? Or is there any software to buy a permanent IP & point it to my computer to both connect & receive upcoming connections?

p.s., I can't host games either.

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You're probably behind a NAT. Or perhaps your ISP is blocking port 80. Or Apache is only listening on the loopback address. Could be a number of things. – Belmin Fernandez Oct 24 '10 at 21:16
Nimmy i think you are right about being behind a NAT network, how to solve this? – user23392 Oct 24 '10 at 21:18
If you are behind a NAT your IP would be 192.168.x.x. You could probably do some type of port forwarding on your router. However, I think best bet---being that you're using cellular data plan---is that your ISP is blocking port 80. – Belmin Fernandez Oct 24 '10 at 21:20
Elaborated on my comment below. Hope this helps. And PS: I'm assuming you meant XAMPP server. – Belmin Fernandez Oct 24 '10 at 21:44
@user23392 Did you ever get this to work? – Belmin Fernandez Oct 27 '10 at 2:07
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Let me elaborate on my comment:

1. Is Apache only listening to

You could test this by typing the following in the command line:

>netstat -a -b -n

Find the line with httpd.exe:

  TCP             WINDOWS-PC:0         LISTENING

If the address is, then apache is listening on all interfaces. If it's, then you'll have to configure it to listen on all interfaces. To do this on XAMPP:

  1. Go to your XAMPP folder's Apache configuration folder (XAMPP\apache\conf).

  2. Edit httpd.conf's Listen line to be Listen 80

  3. Restart XAMPP (Apache specifically)

2. Or are you behind a NAT?

Doubt this could be it because, even if you are behind a NAT, you should get a connection to Apache from your own computer. But still worth checking out.

Go to command line (Start -> Run -> cmd) and type the following:


If your modem's IP is either 192.168.x.x, 172.x.x.x or 10.x.x.x; you're behind a NAT and would have to configure the router to do IP forwarding. This might be difficult/impossible if you don't control you're router.

3. Or, you're ISP is blocking port 80:

Finally, if you're not behind NAT and you're listening on all interfaces, baring some firewall misconfiguration, odds are your ISP is blocking port 80. You're simply SOL :-/

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And most modems don't allow backlooping... – BloodPhilia Oct 24 '10 at 22:07
Really? Was not aware of that. Nice to know. – Belmin Fernandez Oct 24 '10 at 22:22

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