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I have an ASUS EEE BOX and I am experiencing really poor disk performance.

How can I debug and fix it?

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After doing a bit of googling for you, it looks like some of the early EEE Box machines only have a laptop 4200RPM Drive, when you compare this to a desktop 7200 RPM, it is simply very slow under loads.

If you have a later mode, you will most likly have a 5400RPM drive which is faster, but still no match.

You can try downloading a tool such as Process Explorer or Process Monitor and selecting a column that will allow you to see what programs are doing the most read/write operations and then you can close them, however this does not make up for getting a faster hard drive.


Process Explorer - Process Monitor -

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Yeah, there's not much you can do: the disk has slow rotational speed.

By the way, if you hear clicking in Windows, be sure to install quietHDD.

My plan, when buying the EEE, was to subject myself to the somewhat reduced speed, and when SSDs become cheap, throw a big and fast one in there. Still seems like a good plan.

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