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Has anyone found an add-on that helps when you are viewing log files?

If that doesn't exist is there an add-on that lest me easily toggle word-wrap on text files?

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No add-on, but you can set up word-wrap on text files viewed normally through a tab.

  1. Open up your profile folder
  2. Open the chrome folder
  3. Edit the userContent.css in a text editor
    • If this file does not already exist, you can usually find a file called userContent-example.css to copy and rename as above.
  4. Include the following line in the file:

    pre { white-space: pre-wrap; }
  5. Save and restart Firefox.

Now, whenever you view a logfile, which is just a plain text file, it will be wrapped for long lines.

This does have the side-effect of affecting all other sites you may visit that use the <PRE> tag when displaying text, so be mindful of that.

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