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I tried to make notepad++ the default program I used this .bat:

rem If you are using Vista x32 version, then edit this file first by adding “rem ” in front of every line that contains the phrase “syswow64?. Then run the script again.
@echo off

takeown /f C:\Windows\syswow64\notepad.exe
cacls C:\Windows\syswow64\notepad.exe /G Administrators:F

takeown /f C:\Windows\system32\notepad.exe
cacls C:\Windows\system32\notepad.exe /G Administrators:F

takeown /f C:\Windows\notepad.exe
cacls C:\Windows\notepad.exe /G Administrators:F

copy C:\Windows\syswow64\notepad.exe C:\Windows\syswow64\notepad.exe.backup
copy C:\Windows\system32\notepad.exe C:\Windows\system32\notepad.exe.backup
copy C:\Windows\notepad.exe C:\Windows\notepad.exe.backup

copy C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\notepad++.exe C:\Windows\syswow64\notepad.exe
copy C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\notepad++.exe C:\Windows\system32\notepad.exe
copy C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\notepad++.exe C:\Windows\notepad.exe
@echo on

This seemed to work it copied the files fine but now if I try to edit a .txt this happens:

enter image description here

If I click on the notepad++ or the modified notepad.exe it opens fine. How can I get this working?

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+1. I'm on xp and the answer from @st worked. Thanks, – Xavierjazz Oct 26 '10 at 5:06
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Hmm, that may have worked but I found I program that installs and makes notepad++ the default all in one shot. It worked great. And I haven't have the langs trouble since, unfortunately I do not remember where I downloaded it from but I do have a drop IO link I just made...

Hope its not against the rules to post DL links if so I apologize in advance.

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Just so everyone knows...I couldn't remember my log in info so I singed in as my alias Josh Goodman. LOL – TackleBox Nov 20 '10 at 17:52


1.Open your “Notepad++” installation folder (right click on the shortcut icon, “Open File Location”)

2.Rename / Delete “langs.xml” to a backup (langs.xml.bak or something to that affect)

3.Copy “langs.model.xml”

4.Rename the new “langs.model.xml” to “langs.xml”

5.Restart Notepad++

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+1. Thanks very much for this. I'm on xp, but I followed your directions and it worked. One small detail, Step 4 should be, "Paste the copied file". Then so on. Regards, – Xavierjazz Oct 26 '10 at 5:03
I did that but still same thing notepad++ will open from both of the exe files (notepad++.exe and the notepad++.exe that is now called notepad.exe in c:\windows) and shortcuts I can even drop a .txt or .bat file onto the desktop shortcut to notepad++ and it works fine but if I right click on a *.txt it gives the error.... (win7) – TackleBox Oct 26 '10 at 6:46

Are you running Notepad++ with Administrator privileges? Check by right-clicking the notepad++.exe -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Make sure the "Run as Administrator" box is unticked and the program is not run in compatibility mode.

And where did you get the batch script from?

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I really don't remember where I got the script for. I apologize, next time I post something I didn't wright I will be sure to include such information. – TackleBox Oct 31 '10 at 2:07

I had the same issue form months. I wanted to use notepad++ but... langs.xml kept becoming corrupted every now and then. The solution that worked at the end was to do to the application folder and make the file read-only.

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