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OS: Windows XP

Is there any tool that can do packet sniffing by processes? I use Wireshark before, but that's too wide. I need just to look into a certain process.

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For which OS do you want this functionality? – tbird Oct 26 '10 at 2:08
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Microsoft Network Monitor can display the process for each traffic "stream" captured.

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Little Snitch can do this.

If the process doesn't change its ports too often, you can get a list of the process' ports with

$ lsof -i | grep <process name>

Then use tcpdump.

$ sudo tcpdump -i en1 port 80 > dump.txt

Where en1 is your interface.

$ ifconfig

to get a list.

$ man -t lsof | open -f -a /Applications/
$ man -t tcpdump | open -f -a /Applications/
$ man -t pcap-filter | open -f -a /Applications/

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