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Would it be possible to make a apache + subversion install and somehow making it independent so it has all the libs it needs with him? Normally apache doesn't depend on much to build it and run it on a fresh-installed machine.

However, subversion has lots of dependencies, which can be a pain in the ass to track down.

Does there exist some kind of precompiled version of subversion and apache together? Or how could I make something that I can quickly redeploy on another pc without putting any files on it? IE it should be runnable from a stick.However, building it is also an option if we just install build-essential.

(some things I thought of myself is trying to compile it, and use tons of options to include all library dependencies without doing apt-get install, maybe it's possible to do an apt-get install in a specific library and copy those files? Or maybe you could extract the .deb package)

using apt-get install on the machine is not an option, we want files to be gone when they delete them from their disk. Do not question me about why we want this, it's just a requirement for us.

it just needs to work on debian based OS's like ubuntu & debian self.

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Try subversion edge, which is an open source version controlling software with apche+viewvc+subversion with a pretty good GUI

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Not sure if it work for you, but a lot of times people need something like this a disk image would work. Use one that has a free VM player, like VirtualBox or others. Make a minimal OS install. Then you have one disk image to move about, and delete.

If you do the build your own route, i'd say install in /opt/something. Keep installing everything there, and when you want to delete it, you have one directory to remove.

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