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Possible Duplicate:
imap sent folder setup

I want to setup Windows Live Mail with an IMAP account. The account is hosted with Hostgator if that matters. When I currently set up the account I get an Inbox and with what looks like a Drafts, Sent, and Trash folder as child folders of Inbox. If I send an email from the Hostgator webmail page, it sends fine and there's a copy of the sent message in the Sent folder of the web mail. I can also see the sent message in the Sent folder of Live Mail. This is all how I would expect it to work. However, when I send a message from Live Mail, it sends fine but I don't see it in the Sent folders of either webmail or Live Mail. What I'd like is to have messages sent from either interface to show up in the Sent folder of either interface. Did I set this up right or did I miss something?

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To have Windows Live Mail save ... copies of sent messages on the IMAP server (rather than on your PC), set the following options:

Check the box marked "Store special folders on IMAP server". (Otherwise, drafts, deleted, and sent messages will be stored on your local hard disk -- which is called "Storage Folders" by Windows Live Mail). Enter Sent for the "Sent Items Path". Enter Drafts for the "Drafts path". Enter Trash for the "Deleted Items path". You can leave the "Junk path" set to whatever folder name you desire.


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I found that same website earlier and couldn't get it to work but now it does. I musta fat-fingered something. Thanks. – Jeff Oct 25 '10 at 20:20

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