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Is there a way to associate hyperlinks on websites that are in the format ssh:// automatically open and connect using PuTTY?

I'm looking for a solution that will work cross-browser (IE and Firefox) and is easy to implement. I can't give instructions to our support team to perform registry edits manually :(

Anyone know how to make that work?

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There is a Putty fork named Kitty, it's website includes instructions for doing exactly what you want.

It does involve registry changes but these are accomplished by downloading a .reg file and clicking on it in windows explorer (with admin privileges I guess).

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+1 Kitty is great! – BloodPhilia Nov 1 '10 at 17:03

See this:

I wanted a solution which does not need to change putty.

It associates a visual basic script to ssh:// and telnet:// URLs, which parses the URL and launches putty using standard parameters like putty.exe -ssh -l login.

2 additional advantages: – Password can be passed in URL also for auto authentication – No need to change putty, thus adapted to all patches.

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I figured out a way to do it with just registry keys using a PowerShell command. Here you go. – ubomb Apr 9 '15 at 21:42

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