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I have a directory full of OpenOffice.org odt files that I'd like to batch-convert to doc files. Is there an easy way to do this?

(bonus points if your answer uses OpenOffice and a Linux command-line)

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You can use BatchConv

BatchConv is a batch tool allowing conversion of a file list from and to any supported OpenOffice.org import/export file formats. This macro based wizard asks for a file list and the target directory and file format. It will then loop over the list and use Ooo import/export capabilities to process the documents.

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UnoConv can batch convert using the OpenOffice libraries from the commandline. I've never used it.

You can also use AbiWord from the command line like this:

for file in *.odt ; do abiword --to=doc "$file" ; done

I've done that successfully many times.

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Take a look at this link:

mso2ooo - Batch Convert Microsoft Office Documents to OpenOffice Documents and vice versa

This little program batch / mass convert Microsoft Office documents (*.doc, *.xls, and .ppt) to their OpenOffice equivalent (.odt, *.ods, and *.odp (aka OpenDocument Format)). The nice thing about this script is that it converts all documents specified in the input, including subdirectories. The result can be put in another directory, and it retains its original directory structure (the script takes care of keeping the relative path). Use it at your own risk!

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Word 2010 (and possibly previous versions as well) can natively open OpenOffice (odt) files, right? If so, and you want a Windows method, simply run a command prompt, cd to the directory where the files exist, and execute the following command: ren *.odt *.doc

No conversion neccessarry, just a rename of the file extensions.

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My copy of MS-Office Pro 2008 (Mac edition) cannot open ODT files. "Word cannot open this document. The document ... might not be a valid Word document." –  Nate Oct 28 '10 at 2:09
Even if this approach did work, the fact that you're just renaming the files means that Word is smart enough to figure out that the file your opening is an ODT, even though it's named as a DOC. –  Matt Potts Nov 14 '13 at 18:51

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