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there's software to give virtual desktops.. programs like virtual dimension, or virtuwin.

but what about a program to give each desktop its own system tray?

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a correction to what I wrote.. I think the virtual desktop concept isn't really it , the programs are more limited than that, just giving more like a bunch of screense each with the same desktop icons, but a new taskbar(though same system tray and same quicklaunch). So the new screen is just the same just with no windows open. – barlop Oct 29 '10 at 12:28

I know it runs from the system tray, but does Sysinternals Desktops run multiple system trays? I download their suite, but never use this. I am just reaching here. Also, you might want to start looking into custom Windows shells GUIs. I have used LiteStep professionally, and the system tray add-ons are meant to be highly customizable. I will not lie though. You would need to go to a website like or similar to ask if this functionality is possible. If you have teh hax0r C++ skills, you could definitely extend it to do so. It is open source. I am not sure if this is an intentional OS limitation in Windows though. Sorry, I am very unsure.

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