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I've team wise reports in .xlsx files that look like following. The files names are like team1.xlsx, team2.xlsx ... teamN.xslx

Date  | Report
2-Oct | Stuff 1
3-Oct | Stuff 2

Now I want to collate all the info into another Excel file that looks like

Date  | Team 1  |  Team N
2-Oct | Stuff 1 | Stuff N1
3-Oct | Stuff 2 | Stuff N2

Is this possible and if so how?


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Note that if this kind of "merging" is to be run often, you would probably make a better use of a relational database (like MySQL or MS Access). That would allow you to store different data into different tables (~sheets) and make joins when reading instead of costly merges – PPC Apr 16 '12 at 18:32

See the following page on SO:

Merge Excel Files Into One.

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Since these are text files, you could use a few Cygwin or Gnu32 command line utilities to create a single text file of the following format:

Team   | Date  | Report
Team 1 | 2-Oct | Stuff 1
Team 2 | 3-Oct | Stuff 2
Team N | 2-Oct | Stuff N1
Team N | 3-Oct | Stuff N2

Then import the new text file into Excel and then create a Pivot Table to reorganise it the way you want.

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(just text) in ".xlsx files" – Holysmoke Oct 28 '10 at 5:12
@Holysmoke: OK, understand you now, but don't have a solution for you. – Mike Fitzpatrick Oct 28 '10 at 5:31
NP :) Thanks anyway! – Holysmoke Oct 28 '10 at 6:07
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In the files team1.xlsx etc B2 to BN cells contain the data

I discovered that the data from another xlsx file maybe got as follows:


Thanks all anyway!

BTW if the question/subject wasn't clear feel free to edit for others!

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