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Is there any good command line spellcheckers for Docbook avaliable that could be configured to ignore certain tags such as <programlisting>.

Preferably it would use hunspell dictionaries since I have a good Swedish dictionary to that.

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Aspell provides multiple operating modes to work in.

--mode=<string>, -e, -H, -t, -n
  Sets the filter mode.  Mode is one of none, url, email, html, tex or nroff. 
  The  alternative  shortcut  options  are  '-e'  for  email,  '-H'  for
  Html/Sgml, '-t' for Tex or '-n' for Nroff.

Sounds like you just need to install the hunspell dictionaries and then you can run aspell with the -H (--mode=Html/Sgml) option.

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I can use hunspell dictionaries with a spell, ok will check – oluies Nov 5 '10 at 7:47

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