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I do a lot of PowerPoint (2007) presentations, and some of those involve some rather complex diagrams that I like to build step by step, using PowerPoint's animation feature.

I prefer using the "fade in" style, but I find the default medium speed setting too low, so every time I'm adding an element to my animation, I have to go to the Speed dropdown box and select "Very fast". This is getting annoying, so I wonder if there is a way to tell PowerPoint that I'd like my standard animation speed (at least for fade-ins) to be "very fast"?

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It looks like this option is not available.

However, I found this post which uses VBA code to loop through your slides and change the speed.

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Hm, OK, thanks. Not really what I was looking for, but if it's not there, there's not much I can do... – Tim Pietzcker Oct 31 '10 at 7:38

As best I've been able to determine, you can't change the default settings for animations, which is complete nonsense on Microsoft's part. There is a solution in your case though. In Powerpoint 2010 the default animation speed for fade-ins is very fast (0.5 seconds), so if you upgrade that particular problem will be solved.

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I tried to create a macro, using the Macro Recorder in Office 2003, which usually can transfer to Office 2007. However, it recorded nothing, indicating that a macro can’t be created for this. You will probably need to use the Appear command, which rather than fading in, causes the object to appear instantly. However, that is much better than the Medium setting, which is annoying.

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