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How do I fix the "Dirty bits not set" error if I'm using a FAT32 system? I'm aware of the fsutil tool but apparently, it doesn't do it's job well on FAT32. Is there an alternative 3rd party software around? Can I fix it manually? Thanks a lot to those who'd answer!

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Could you be more specific about the error message and the circumstances where you are getting it? – harrymc Oct 28 '10 at 13:34
I'm getting the error whenever I try to load a game called Dead Frontier which runs absolutely fine on all other machines I've tested it in. Be it lesser in specs than the above unit or not. – Registered User Nov 1 '10 at 9:33
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The best tool I'm aware of for analyzing and fixing low level problems in the dos/windows formats & environments is:

If it doesn't resolve the issue you probably have a hardware failure on your hands. I'd highly, highly recommend backing up anything/everything you can before you run any analysis/recovery software. In my experience with hardware failures they get worse and worse the more the disk runs, so you have a limited amount of time that the drive is on to get stuff off.. DO NOT write anything to the disk - read/backup stuff off it only. Then try spinrite to see if you can fix things that way. Sometimes it's just a bad sector that crops up and that doesn't compromise the whole disk..

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