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How can I copy text from an open X window (XTerm, Gvim, etc) in Hummingbird Exceed running on Windows XP?

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On OpenText Exceed 14 (which I understand was formerly Hummingbird Exceed) you can cut and paste from X to Windows by,

  1. Highlight desired text in X window
  2. Right click on Exceed icon in the Task Bar
  3. Select from pop-up menu Edit | Copy X selection | To clipboard
  4. Paste into your Windows application in the normal way (Edit | Paste or CTL+V)

Similarly you can copy/paste from Windows to X by selecting Edit | Paste to X selection | From clipboard.

I've found this to be very reliable, whereas just using only the usual copy/paste options on X and Windows sides often doesn't work.

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Another way that was easier for me was to configure an auto copy to clipboard setting.

Open Start Menu > All Programs > OpenText Exceed > Exceed Tools > XConfig.

Go to: X Selection, and change it to PRIMARY and make sure the Auto copy feature is checked.

Click Validate and Apply Changes (green check mark) and you are done.

No when you select anything in the linux windows, it should go to the clipboard, and you can just press Ctrl-V when you are back in Windows and it will work.

Hope that helps.

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