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I just downloaded Netbeans for Ubuntu. Now I only have Java, how can I add PHP to it?

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Go to Tools->Plugins

On the Installed tab check PHP and click on Activate. Restart NetBeans.

Note: I assume you have downloaded the appropriate package containing PHP tools.

On 7.0.1 go to Tools->Plugins

click the Settings tab and Activate the Update Centers.

Now click the Available Plugins tab and you should see PHP

Install and Reboot Netbeans.

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Activate the Update Centers. = click update tab > click Update button. now the Available Plugins will refresh then click on Available Plugins tab scroll down you will see php check it and click Install button

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The first result when googling "php netbeans ubuntu", this should solve your problems.

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Please don't use a link as a plain answer. Try to elaborate the answer yourself, only then add the link as source/credits. If the link is removed, so is your answer. –  Lorenzo Von Matterhorn Jan 11 '13 at 11:22

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