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I want to set a group of terminal windows, each one with personalized colours, etc.

How can I move the whole setting from one computer to another? Where are they stored?

Can't see them in $HOME/Library/Application Support/ nor in /Library/Application Support/

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~/Library/Preferences/ contains Terminal settings.

You can view the file (if you want to) with Property List Editor, part of Apple's developer tools. Copy it to to your other machine to take your settings with you.

You can also export one Settings entry in Terminal by selecting Shell, Export Settings..., or by pressing the cog button below the list in Terminal Preferences, Settings and choosing Export....

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Perfect! Just copied the aforementioned from my iMac (pretty Terminal setup) to my Macbook Pro boring terminal setup and now both are identical. Thanks! – Diego Freniche Nov 1 '10 at 8:37

Copying the works very well. Be sure, however, to NOT have Terminal running when you copy the file as it will overwrite it when it exits.

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