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I would like to get rid of flash completely on my MacOSX machine. I don't use it, and it's a danger. I've never been more happy than using, but I've realized I don't use flash outside of a browser anyway. Is there a way I can remove it completely from the system to avoid net attacks where the browser may download a flash file and run it behind my back?

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Just delete it from the "Internet Plugins" folder of /Library and ~/Library. Keep Google Chrome around, because it has Flash built in--you can keep it sandboxed.

You'll often find that, if videos are missing, they magically appear if you change your user agent string to Safari/iPad. A lot of sites seem to keep their standards-based video streams reserved only for iPads.

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Adobe provides an uninstaller.

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Also, if you use Google Chrome or Chromium, you will have to go to chrome://plugins and disable Flash from there as well. – Wuffers Oct 29 '10 at 12:15

If you lack the uninstaller, I find AppZapper a very handy utility to get rid of EVERYTHING related to an app (Library files, preferences, etc).

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