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I have some program in many places (it is the java command).. I am starting this command from CMD. the problem is, I need to know exactly the path of the java command being run..

(If you know unix, I need a command such as which ).


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Does Which for Windows help?

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great thanks!!! – Muhammad Hewedy Oct 29 '10 at 12:53

There is no need to install WHICH, as Windows has a native command that does the same things, called WHERE.

It is a native command on Vista onwards, but can be added from the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit on earlier versions of Windows.

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You can make an which alias to where if you want. – paradroid Nov 4 '15 at 15:50

There is not an exact equivalent of "Unix's which" in Windows, but that does not mean there is no solution ;) Check out the following link:

Which for Windows

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Because time ago I could not found an adequate alternative of "which" command for windows, I implemented a simple replacement in python featuring also partial matches of command names:

Hope you find it useful :)

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