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enter image description hereI am not sure what they are called but often when you read articles there are links that when you hovers display a little box. It's not an actual popup, but a positioned element on the page.

I often move the cursor along as I am reading and I usually hit several in one paragraph each covering what I am trying to read. I am then distracted, taken out of what I am currently reading to click the close on the box, then I have to start at the beginning of the sentence often, triggering it again.

I guess I could learn to not follow along with the cursor, but it's a habit. Is there anyway to disable these?

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Adblock Plus or NoScript is your friend. Adblock Plus is also available for Chrome, for NoScript I don't know.

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Chrome's version of NoScript is called ScriptSafe. But by the looks of it the issue is malware related, so I don't think it would help. – Dracs Apr 10 '13 at 0:02

If you are seeing this on sites you previously did not see, you might have a spyware add-on installed. For Internet Explorer, go to Start -> Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Programs Tab -> Manage Add-Ons button, and disable anything that isn't signed by Microsoft, Adobe, or Sun Microsystems.

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Some news sites use third-party services to add links to specific words. Because the main site uses an external javascript file to show the links, blocking requests to specific providers can help.

Take a look at the JavaScript Blacklist extension for Chrome.

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