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I found Synergy extends my keyboard and touchpad so I can seamlessly control the MacMini from my MacBook Pro, but that isn't quite what I want.

I have a MacMini connected to 40+ inch HDTV as a media system. I'm looking for a way to use that 40+ inch HDTV wirelessly, through the MacMini, as a secondary monitor for the MacBook Pro.

Are their any tools that can do this?

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Check out ScreenRecycler.

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Thanks, I settled on ScreenRecycler. I had to upgrade my wireless router to make it usable. The developer encourages using it on a wired network, but that isn't practical for my home. Also, I initially purchased his bundle that included ScreenRecycler and JollyFastVNC. I found that OSX's built-in vnc service was remarkably faster, yielding smoother window movements and no pixelation at all. However, I also learned that you can use JollyFastVNC with ScreenRecycler without having to purchase it, so it's a good deal. – Michael Prescott Nov 16 '10 at 17:42
@Michael Thanks for the accept! Glad it helped, even though the amount of data required an upgrade. Good to know. – Daniel Beck Nov 16 '10 at 17:46

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