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Today I installed an Intel X25-M SATA SSD (80GB) in my Mac Pro.

Model Name: Mac Pro
Model Identifier:   MacPro3,1
Processor Name: Quad-Core Intel Xeon
Processor Speed:    2.8 GHz
Number Of Processors:   2
Total Number Of Cores:  8
L2 Cache (per processor):   12 MB
Memory: 6 GB
Bus Speed:  1.6 GHz
Boot ROM Version:   MP31.006C.B05
SMC Version (system):   1.25f4

I then used Carbon Copy Cloner to clone my boot drive to the new SSD. This worked fine.

When I select the new SSD in System Preferences > Startup Disk and restart I hear the chime and then the system will power down.

Holding down ALT (Option) allows me to select my original boot drive.

I have used Disk Utility to repair the disk but with no luck.

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FWIW, when I installed a Momentus XT in my MacBook I cloned my old drive with SuperDuper! and it did not boot. I had to reinstall Mac OS X. As a test, can you install a vanilla OS X installation and see if that boots? – fideli Oct 29 '10 at 21:27
I have almost exactly the same setup (bit more memory and 160G X25-M, and it works just fine... although I didn't try to clone my system into the SSD, just did clean install. I'd assume that has something to do with the cloned OS. You could also try holding down command-V when booting to get to verbose mode, to see if OS X tells something useful about what it doesn't like. – af. Oct 30 '10 at 6:35
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Re-installing Snow Leopard on to the SSD solved the problem and it didn't delete my user profiles and kept some settings.

After the install I did need to update to 10.6.4 and re-install the magic trackpad drivers. Other than that it was all fine.

Thanks for the re-assurance. Now my system is blazing fast!

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