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I'm looking for a freeware program that compares two binary files with each other, and can do the following things:

  1. Give a percentage of similarity
  2. Hash the files (give a few basic, as well as fuzzy hashes, md5, sh1/sh2, etc etc)
  3. Compare more then 2 programs with each other, and list them in some sort of database

If you know a program like this, please do post.

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The title "Compare programs" is misleading, I would use "Comparison software" or "Comparison apps" – Toto Oct 29 '10 at 19:58

given your requirements, i would advise writing a perl or python script. both languages will have adequate library support to enable you to perform whatever operations you wish on the file data.

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I'd be surprised if there is an existing program that does all you want - without some level of programming effort.

The Gnu diffutils can do some of that and there is a comparison of some tools at Wikipedia

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