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I have two laptops running Windows 7 and one android 1.6 device (apad). All of them support wifi. I have one 3G USB modem. I want to:

  1. Connect USB modem to one laptop. I can access internet on this laptop.
  2. Connect to other laptop using wifi and share the internet connection. I should be able to access internet on both laptops.
  3. Connect my first laptop to android device using wifi. I should be able to access internet on android device also.

How can I setup this network. If required, I can also use ethernet. I have LAN cables and a 8-port Dlink switch.

Note: I can access internet on all three devices by activating Mobile APN on my Samsung Wave mobile phone. But this uses an 2G internet connection (slow speed). I want to do the same using my 3G USB modem.

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See this lifehacker article : Turn Your Windows 7 PC Into a Wireless Hotspot.

It describes how you can share your wired Internet access via WiFi.

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Thanks. It worked. And it gave me many other possibilities also. Now I connected almost all wifi enabled devices at my home. Thanks again. – matrix Nov 15 '10 at 4:55

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