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I'm running Ubuntu using Sun VirtualBox on my Mac OSX and I badly need some UMLs from it.

How do I go about retrieving the files, without using a USB (cannot find one)?

Thank you very much indeed.

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Here is how I was able to get file transfers working on Virtual Box. Only 3 steps (original VirtualBox documentation):

  1. PRE-REQUISITE: Make sure you install "Guest additions" on your guest VM. (Google "how do you install guest additions")
  2. In the host goto the GUI window with the running guest VM. Goto the GUI menubar --> Devices --> Shared drive --> click on "Add Share" --> Choose a folder on the host file system that you would like the guest to see --> give a human readable name.
    • The human readable name is used in step 3 so make sure to keep it simple. I suggest no spaces, no symbols.
  3. [If $VirtualBoxVersion < 4.0] In the guest, run the mount command.
    • If $VirtualBoxVersion > 4.0 then the mounting is done automatically.

Here is the syntax for the mount command:

mount -t vboxsf $SHARENAME $MOUNTPOINT
  • NOTE: The '-t vboxsf' specifies that you are mounting a special "virtual box shared folder" (The mount command runs a script for this special "type". The script is installed when you install guest additions.)
  • SHARENAME = The name you gave the folder in step 2.
  • MOUNTPOINT = The location on the guest file system that you want the shared folder to be mounted at. For a Linux Guest, the suggested mounting location is: /media/$LOCATION.

EXAMPLE Mount command that worked for me:

sudo mount -t vboxsf tmp /media/host/tmp

NOTE: Before you can use this same location. You have to make sure the folder already is created by doing 'mkdir -p /media/host/tmp'

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