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Alright. I have geforce 210 graphics card, It has one VGA port and one DVI - I Port. I also got a DELL IN2020M 20" LED monitor which has VGA port and DVI - A Port.

Now, i already have a another monitor connected VGA (card) to VGA (monitor). I want to add one more monitor to my setup.

How should i setup, so that i can get benefit of dual monitor?

Should i look for a DVI - I Male (for card) to VGA Male (for monitor) cable ? Or Should i look for a DVI - I Male (for card) to DVI - D Male (for monitor) cable? Also, can i use DVI - D male to DVI - D male cable for the setup i have. (remember, i have DVD-I on my gfx card)

Which one will be the best option for me. Thank you.

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Use a DVI-D cable - A DVD-I port will accept a DVI-D cable. DVD-I is the "universal" port, it caries both the digital and analog signal.

There is no reason you need to convert DVI to VGA.

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Thanks for explanation. – Anil Dewani Oct 31 '10 at 18:00

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