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I'm looking for a simple way to toggle between 50% and 100% of system volume level in Windows 7.

Over the day I run at 100% and later I change volume to 50%.. Well it's 2 clicks.. Not a big deal, but I'm lazy and looking for some commandline script or something else to toggle my volume between those 2 levels. I know it's easily done with a few lines of c code, and there are probably many applications out there providing this feature, but I'm looking for a clean and native way to do this.


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I would recommend Nircmd by Nirsoft.

You can set the volume via the following command:

nircmd.exe setsysvolume x

Where x is a value between 0 and 65535, so 50% would be 32767.

You can create a shortcut anywhere on your system, then set a keyboard shortcut to run this command - technically it would still be two buttons you have to do, but I hope this will be more convenient to you.

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not exactly what I'm looking for, but I'll give it a try, thx – schöppi Nov 1 '10 at 11:18

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