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A week is too short, a month is too long. How can I setup iCal to show me a fortnightly (14 days) view?

I'll consider switching apps if that's necessary and unworkable in iCal.

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I'm pretty sure that iCal lacks this option, but Google Calendar can be configured for a "Custom View" of 2-7 days or 2-4 weeks if an online calendar is acceptable.

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iCal doesn't that I know of, but BusyCal has the option to display two weeks in the Week View. (Sadly, it's not free, although there's a 30-day time limited full functionality demo.) It also has a number of other useful features.

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You can do it using the debug menu (which must be turned on in terminal. See this link:

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Welcome to Super User! Link-only answers are discouraged here on Super User (what if the link dies?). Please edit your question to summarize the procedure from the article. – nc4pk Sep 1 '13 at 13:41

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