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A friend made comments on an essay I wrote using openoffice's "Comments" feature. (Insert > Comment).

Those comments appear in little boxes on the right-hand side. But some times the comments get cut off and there is no scroll bar on that box. Other times there is a scroll bar.

What I want is to resize the little boxes on the right-hand side that contain those comments. I want them to auto-stretch to fit the comment, or I want to resize them manually so I don't need to scroll. Those little comment boxes don't have any resize handle bars when I put my mouse over it.

Is there something I can do to make those little comment boxes longer?

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Right-click on the cell the comment applies to, select "Show Comment", click in the comment and grab a corner of the comment box to enlarge it. When you're happy with the size, de-select "Show Comment"

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What about for oowriter? – rascher Nov 4 '10 at 1:49
Sorry, I assumed you meant calc. As far as I know there is no way to vary the size of the comment/note box in OOo Writer. I did a few searches of the OOo forum and extensions but found no mention of it there, that's not to say better search terms wouldn't find something. – Tog Nov 6 '10 at 11:50

I have the same experience in Linux OOwriter. It is a fairly important defect.

A workaround is to export the document as a '.pdf'. In that format the text contains indicators to where a comment was inserted, and hovering over it shows the contents. With the '.pdf' on the left and the '.doc' (that was what I received) on the right it was possible to make progress. But it is clunky and far from satisfactory.

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