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I am running windows vista and recently installed xampp lite 1.7.3 to do some web development. I don't know if it is related to the install or something else, but now navigating to the page "" redirects me to my localhost.

The url redirects to "" on my local hosts.

I tried deleting my hosts file but that did not fix the probelm.

Any advice? ~Roy

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Well that is strange. I'm assuming you're running windows - try running

ipconfig /flushdns

in a command prompt window.

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"Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache." but still no pastebin. – Roy Oct 31 '10 at 18:26

I don't think it's related to xampp, I have a working xampp install running and I can navigate to Your issue seems related to DNS resolution problems.

What is the result of the command:


Are you behind a proxy?

Have you tried using a public DNS like Google's

The redirect to could occur if resolves to

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Aside from possible DNS issues, you can also check for a hosts.txt file which may be overriding DNS resolution for those domains. I don't know the exact path where Vista would be looking for it, but previous versions of Windows kept it in the Windows system directory.

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Did you try xampp/catalina_stop.bat at a CMD prompt to see if still redirects you after you stop the xampp service I believe this bat file should be available in the lite version. If the redirect goes away you at least know it is the xampp redirecting your url.

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