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I am running windows vista and recently installed xampp lite 1.7.3 to do some web development. I don't know if it is related to the install or something else, but now navigating to the page "www.pastebin.com" redirects me to my localhost.

The url redirects to "www.pastebin.com/xampp" on my local hosts.

I tried deleting my hosts file but that did not fix the probelm.

Any advice? ~Roy

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Well that is strange. I'm assuming you're running windows - try running

ipconfig /flushdns

in a command prompt window.

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"Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache." but still no pastebin. –  Roy Oct 31 '10 at 18:26

I don't think it's related to xampp, I have a working xampp install running and I can navigate to pastebin.com. Your issue seems related to DNS resolution problems.

What is the result of the command:

nslookup pastebin.com

Are you behind a proxy?

Have you tried using a public DNS like Google's

The redirect to pastebin.com/xampp could occur if pastebin.com resolves to

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Aside from possible DNS issues, you can also check for a hosts.txt file which may be overriding DNS resolution for those domains. I don't know the exact path where Vista would be looking for it, but previous versions of Windows kept it in the Windows system directory.

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Did you try xampp/catalina_stop.bat at a CMD prompt to see if still redirects you after you stop the xampp service I believe this bat file should be available in the lite version. If the redirect goes away you at least know it is the xampp redirecting your url.

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