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I’m looking for a free software, distributed, fault tolerant (ideally without Single Points of failure), mature, POSIX compliant file system (such a long requirements list, I know).

There are not so many projects with those features; this is my candidates list and I hope I didn’t miss anyone from it:

  • Lustre;
  • MooseFS;
  • Tahoe-LAFS;
  • XtreemFS.

I’m a beginner on this field and the "no SPOF" requirement (or good solutions to avoid them) is essential.

Do you have any experience to share? Thanks.

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I believe Ceph is also shared-nothing, fully redundant. They have a POSIX-compliant filesystem. – MattBianco Jan 14 '14 at 14:49

MooseFS (v. >= 2.0) in Pro version has no SPOF. It is a fully POSIX-compliant distributed filesystem. It is mature and actively developed.

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