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I'm new to virtualization, and I'm trying to create a couple of boxes for testing the software I develop (php) in diferent enviroments. I know php is portable, but sometimes it breaks because of case-sensitivity of filenames in linux and things like that.

I downloaded the vmw player but I don't know what to do next.

Should I download each SO .iso and create vms with that?

Or is there a better option, like a ready-to-use vm repository?

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If you are open to trying a different virtualization software, I recommend

You could also find some great virtual appliances ready for download from

Good luck!

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The VMWare Virtual Appliance Marketplace has many pre-built appliances:

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There are some in the answers to this question: Pre-installed Linux for Web Developers?

Then there's BitNami offering various ready-to-go VMs for various purposes:

And the VMWare Applicance market

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If I understand your question right then you are looking for something like Turnkey.

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VMPlayer does not allow you to create virtual machines, so installing from an ISO won't work. Here is a fairly comprehensive list of available Linux images. Some with LAMP setup as default

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