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I have a .bat file in my startup folder:

cd TrueCrypt
truecrypt /ll /p "" /q /v d:\MYO

Is there a way to start TrueCrypt with admin right?

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Which version of Windows? – harrymc Nov 2 '10 at 19:21
If UAC is enabled, you should follow the answer here: – surfasb Dec 29 '11 at 5:05
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You can use runas

cd TrueCrypt
runas /noprofile /user:mymachine\administrator truecrypt /ll /p "" /q /v d:\MYO
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This no longer works starting with Vista/7. On non-domain joined machines, this will work, as the built-in Admin account is granted Admin Approval mode. Domain joined machines will have their built-in Admin Account disabled and this will not work. In general though, runas does not equal admin rights if UAC is enabled. – surfasb Dec 28 '11 at 21:24

If it is run as a Startup Script it runs with Elevated permissions (at least in XP and earlier Not sure on Vista/7) This is set under Computer Configuration-Windows Setting-Scripts(Startup/Shutdown)

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This worked for me on Windows 7 Pro on a non-domain system. Thanks for the tip, I used gpedit.msc to add the script to my user account and now it runs as admin on startup. – drew010 Apr 7 '12 at 18:49

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