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I am looking for (what I'm assuming) is a testing automation program. I need to harvest the data this application uses. I cannot access the database directly. I do not have the application's source code. I can only access the data by running the application, iterating through a known list of Record ID's, then scraping screens.

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You could use WinRunner or TestComplete but they're expensive and they have a learning curve but they are easier than using DDE.

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After hours of review, looks like Ranorex is the best tool for my situation. I'm still considering TestComplete, tho'. – Bob Kaufman Nov 3 '10 at 16:46

Depending on what you are looking to test and how good you are with scripting, AutoIt is an amazing automation tool for standard windows controls and can be used for testing and reporting. It can be customized for just about any purpose and best of all, its free. I use it primarily for automating simple tasks, but it is very often used for software testing.

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