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I've just integrating my POP3 email for my business into a Gmail account. I like using Chrome's application shortcuts to open Gmail and Google Reader.

Thing is, I also have a personal Gmail address that I often check "at work", and my Reader subscriptions are also in my personal account.

Problem is, Chrome will only keep me logged in to one account at a time.I don't want to keep logging out of one and into another account.

Can I set one shortcut to open one account, and another to use a different account?

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Yes, see my similar question here for a solution that will work for your situation as well.

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Thanks, this worked great on Windows. Do you happen to know where the "User Data" folder might be on the Linux version? – DisgruntledGoat Aug 11 '09 at 2:01

You can point each Gmail app instance shortcut to a different user data directory. This is like having multiple profiles on FireFox. The shortcut will need to take an extra parameter --user-data-dir=.path/to/dir. Looking at the documentation you can see where the default directory would be for you, and in the case of linux, you could:

cp -R ~/.config/google-chrome/Default ~/.config/google-chrome/personal-gmail
chrome --user-data-dir=$HOME/.config/google-chrome/personal-gmail ...
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