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I have a web page saved with Internet Explorer as an .mht file.

How do I view this on a Mac?

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If you are using Firefox/SeaMonkey, you could try using the Mozilla Archive Format Extension which should work on a Mac according the installation page:

Mozilla Archive Format, at the time of each release, is tested and verified with the most recent browser versions available in the following release channels:

Firefox 3.6
Firefox Beta
Firefox Release
SeaMonkey 2.1

Testing is done under Windows XP, but the add-on is expected to work on all the platforms supported by the browser. Note that the add-on is only declared compatible with versions of Firefox and SeaMonkey on which it is actually tested, thus excluding the Nightly channel, though partial compatibility might be implemented for the Aurora channel. Users that would like to experiment with using the add-on on the Nightly or Aurora channels should override the compatibility declarations using the Add-on Compatibility Reporter.

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Google Chrome can view .mht files too now, if you have a recent build.

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Is this still true? If I open an MHT in Chrome 40 from file:// it displays the file but refuses to load the resources due to permissions problems (?!) If I open it from http://, it displays the MHT source as literal text instead of rendering it. – Michael Mar 16 '15 at 21:32

A cursory search shows that the Opera browser may open .mht files in OS X.

Some articles suggest Graphic Converter or File Juicer may perform this function as well.

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