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I'm looking for an application for Linux that will connect to an H.323 video conference and allow the user to send their desktop as a video stream, instead of using the image from a webcam. This is for giving presentations, when it is usually more useful to see the speaker's slides than their face.

All I have found so far is Ekiga, but as far as I can see it doesn't offer this facility. Something free would be nice of course, but paid-for software would also be of interest.

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How about using a virtual webcam? WebcamStudio is capable of creating a virtual webcam from the desktop. You can then just use Ekiga or any other application to conference.

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Thanks Jamie. That is probably the way to go. Unfortunately I have not been able to compile the "vloopback" driver on our Linux distribution (Scientific Linux CERN 5, a clone of RHEL5). Maybe this will have to wait until we have a release with a newer kernel. Suggestions of other virtual webcams are welcome, but I haven't yet found any that look promising. – Ben Nov 10 '10 at 18:41

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