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I have some sensitive data (about 3 Megabytes) on a computer running Windows that I want to backup regularly to a different computer. The computer with the data on it will be used by someone else, the backup process should therefore be as simple as possible, a one-click solution would be nice.

My idea now is to just encrypt the files and send an email to a mail-account set up for that purpose.

How could I encrypt the files, with which program? And how can I send the encrypted files via mail automatically?

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You can use Izarcc (Izarc command line) to compress and encrypt the backup files. You can use blat to send the compressed archive via email You can easily write a batch file to combine the compress/encrypt/send-by-email task.

Anyhow, I suggest you to use the more convenient solution offered by Crashplan. Install, configure and forget it.

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