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How can I configure an EasyBox A601 WLAN (from Arcor resp. Vodafone) to send the IP always to DynDNS?

I entered the following:

Dynamic DNS       [X]
Diensteanbieter      (DynDNS.org)
Domänenname          mysupersecrethost.dyndns.org (as specified in "My Host" section
Konto / E-mail       myaccountname
Passwort            mysupersecretpassword

The update does not work anymore, so that my IP is not correct. The firmware is the newest available:

Firmware Version:  10.02.006 (01.12.2008-11:11:59)

Thanks for any hints!

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I see some discussions at DynDNS community forums about an update problem since March.

since 26. March 2009 the update of the IP on DynDNS.org won't work. The log of the router contains the following error message "30.03.2009 21:40:54 DynDNS-Fehler: Der DynDNS-Anbieter meldet Fehler Unerwarteter Server-Fehler. (D002)" (example from 30. March). This means "DynDNS-error: The DynDNS-provider reports error unexpected Server-error. (D002)".

You might want to match your problem with that and maybe check for followups.

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Thanks for this hint! –  guerda Aug 12 '09 at 6:37

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