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I'm looking to add a menu item to the applications menu in Ubuntu which will run a shell script. In order for the shell script to work I need to cd into the directory which contains the shell script. For example this works:

cd /etc/foo/ ./

But this does not, assuming you're not already in the directory foo:


How can I add a new menu item to the applications menu such that it changes to the directory /etc/foo before running I don't have permission to modify And I already tried this, and it doesn't work: Command: cd /etc/foo/; ./


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A bit dirty, but try this:

bash -c "cd /etc/foo; ./"
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One possibility would be to create a script that does the cd and runs the script, then add that wrapper script to the menu.

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This solution would also work. Thank you! – Corey T Foote Nov 6 '10 at 3:29

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