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I've looked at other posts with similar keywords, but none of them seemed to apply quite right.

(I have a Macbook purchased in June 2008)

I am able to use my home wifi, the wifi at my mom's house, and even my neighbor's unsecured connection.

However, every public wifi spot I've tried to work at fails. I AM ABLE TO "connect" to the network (Airport shows I am connected), but when I open a web browser I get a "Not connected to the internet" message. This has now occurred at four different locations. (Also, at one of them, I tried to connect with my iPod touch, and i was able to get online without issue.)

Also, when I first bought this macbook, I did not have this issue.

Any helpful suggestions? Thanks!

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When you connect to these public wifi spots, do you get an IP address? Are they the type of wifi spots that require a sign-in in the browser after you connect? –  fideli Nov 7 '10 at 14:34

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Do you have a static IP address assigned to your Airport interface for some reason? How about statically assigned DNS numbers? If that is the case, it might be a coincidence that the assigned address information is compatible with the neighbors's and mom's networks.

Try making a new network location. Go to System Preferences >> Network pane. At the top there is a pull down menu for Locations. Pull it down and select Edit Locations. Make a new location named Test. Click on the Apply button in the lower right.

This will give you a completely new network configuration with all interfaces set for DHCP. You may always change the location back to whatever the old one was if you need to.

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I had the same problem.

The key for me was that I had a custom DNS server configured. In my case it was googles ( I remember doing this some time ago for whatever reason.

Anyway, the public hotspots don't seem to like this. After removing the custom DNS server I was able to connect fine on public hotspots.

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