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I'm running Windows 7 through ATI HD5400 into HP2335 monitor. I can manually switch betwen an analog DVI and a digital DVI source on this monitor.

Both BIOS and POST sequence work fine through the digital DVI (DVI-D) However, while Windows is booting up, just after the Windows logo is first displayed, the screen goes blank when using a DVI-D (single link) cable.

However, I'm now using a DVI-I (dual link) cable and I've noticed a change. When booting up and the screen goes blank (using digital DVI source on the monitor) I can switch the monitor to analog DVI and now get to see the desktop.

Is there any way to force Windows 7 or the ATI drivers to stick with the (better quality) DVI-D output/connection?

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Adding an EDID_OVERRIDE registry entry for the monitor will most likely help. Too much trouble for one day though. I'll try this another time.

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Windows 7 SP1 fixes the problem – Chris Bednarski Nov 24 '11 at 7:46

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