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I am trying to use the moderncv package for making my resume. I will admit, I have never played around with latex, so that is what is causing the problems maybe.

I get this error when trying I run:

pdflatex file.tex:

\@extrainfo ->\ComputerMouse {\weblink 
                                       { www.random.com}}

What I am doing wrong in this? Here is the line from the tex file:

\extrainfo{\ComputerMouse{\weblink{ www.random.com}}}

Any suggestions on how to fix this? Cause it used to work earlier on my Ubuntu 10.04 but now on 10.10 it doesn't work...

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There's no \weblink command. Try \url instead. (You'll need to add \usepackage{url} or \usepackage{hyperref} to the preamble of your document to get the \url command.)

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Yes that works, thank you. –  sukhbir Nov 8 '10 at 19:01

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