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I have a nicely setup Windows XP image made on VirtualPC 2007. However, I currently need to use Linux (am using Lucid) for development. Is there a way in which I can use the VPC image from Linux - using either Virtualbox OSE or VMWare player?

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You can use VirtualBox and convert the images

vboxmanage convertdd the_disk.vhd the_disk.vdi
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Thanks. But it seems VirtualBox has come a long way since then. But the link definitely helped. – Mussnoon Nov 9 '10 at 7:30
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Following Sathya's link, I looked into available vboxmanage commands and found out that now you can actually even create a VHD with VirtualBox (so being able to use one seemed very logical). So I just converted the existing VHD to a fixed-size one. I created a new virtual machine from VirtualBox with the same settings - XP with 128MB RAM - made a backup of the VHD (just in case), and attached it to the new virtual machine. And it's working without any problems at all.

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