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Is there a ToDo/Tasks service that can sync to windows mobile tasks, so they are accessible offline?

Today I learned I can sync Google calendar to winmo calendar, but not tasks.

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Google is notorious for not providing an API for tasks (I encourage you to read the funny comments on this funny thread).

Try - it provides Outlook integration - and would therefore sync with WinMo.

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Toodledo is excellent! I've tried tens of different task management applications and web services, but this is the first one I'm really satisfied with. I use it actively every day, both for private business and at work. I don't know if it syncs with Windows Mobile, however, they do support a number of different export/import and synchronization services - perhaps one of them can work for you.

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It seems it can export/import to Outlook, may be worth a while. Thanks. I very keen on trying their tool for procrastinators. – Kugel Nov 8 '10 at 7:50

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