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I'm looking for a good GUI app like Heidi SQL on windows for mac os x, snow leopard specifically. It can support more DBs than MySQL but needs to at least that. I'd like to be able to manipulate DBs, schemes etc... through it easily.

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I use:

also, how about squirrel?

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+1 for Sequel Pro. – churnd Nov 7 '10 at 22:46
Yeah, SequelPro rules. Well-designed and stable. – Ethan Nov 8 '10 at 4:04
+1 for SquirrelSQL You'll need to get the JDBC drivers to use it. – Rich Homolka Apr 27 '11 at 17:30

You can use MySQL Workbench, it's actually fairly nice.

There's a feature list on Wikipedia,

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Not taking away from the 2 fine clients that were offered, you can just use the fact you already have Apache installed on your machine, and use phpMyAdmin.

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You can use Eclipse and Eclipse SQL Explorer. You'll need to configure with the JDBC drivers.

Navicat is free for non-commercial use.

I use SquirrelSQL as others have listed.

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  1. Sequel Pro

    free and open source but you can donate it's developer.

  2. Workbench

    which is produced by Oracle, And it supports windows, Mac OS X, Linux.

  3. Navicat

    prodeced by PremiumSoft ™ CyberTech Ltd.

    free try for 30 days

    support windows, Mac OS X, Linux

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